Cannabis Camp FAQ

Can I bring paraphernalia?
Yes, you can bring paraphernalia. For glass pieces, please limit the size to no more than 8 inches. For silicon/ metal pipes, please limit the size to no more than 12 inches. No torches. Only electronics for concentrates.
Can I bring my own cannabis?
Yes! No cannabis will be sold at this event Please follow all laws pertaining to carrying cannabis legally.
Can I bring a bag, chair, or cooler?
All bags will be searched at the door. You CAN bring chairs. You CAN NOT bring coolers. It is OK to bring your own water to drink.
Can I spend the night?
No! Cannabis Camp is not an overnight event. Doors will close at 10pm
Can I leave the event?
Yes! You will need to show your wristband and ID at the door every time you come back to the event.
Will VIP have drinks and snacks?
Can I bring my animal?
All animals at the event must be registered service animals ONLY
Will ticket prices be the same at the door?
No. Ticket prices will be more at the door than if purchased online.
Is there an after party?
YES! Crusens on Farmington Rd.
Do I have to wear a mask?
Masks are recommended but not required

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